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Designing an inspiring change-management strategy & narrative + change-readiness activities and
visual roadmap of all that's ahead... click on a few of my favorites below.  


Percentage of value companies realized from their business-transformation projects when best-practice change management and communications were deployed. 

  • Quickly grasp project scope, goals, audiences + intangibles

  • Build buy-in / conduct leadership and stakeholder interviews

  • Create visual report-outs, change-management strategy, change activities & communications plan​ with milestones, measurable tactics and timing

  • Personally deliver plan and / or identify and manage executional & implementation teams


"John naturally assimilates the project vision and blends strategic goals, project details and organizational factors to effectively land business initiatives through effective and engaging Change Plans. Rolling up his sleeves and diving into the details, he's helped us deliver best-in-class National Operations Summits, built internal engagement programs for C-Suite executives and brought new ideas and change tools we'll use long into the future."

- Jessica Ganley | Director of Organizational Change Management, Patterson Companies


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